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The Patterson RA Advantage

The Patterson RA Advantage

A) Focused on mid level industrial & investment real estate in the greater Philadelphia / southern New Jersey area

Patterson Realty Advisors [Patterson RA] was formed by Patrick Harber in 2002 after working in the industry for over ten years - resume posted. During this time, he enjoyed his success working with middle market brokerage firms but noted the industry was consolidating to where a handful of large firms began to "roll up" competing brokerage companies. As this occurred, these firms developed national alliances with the large public firms who began to handle their projects across many markets. While this gave the appearance of seamless service, there were/are two problems that have developed: 1) it often left younger, less experienced agents to do the groundwork while the veteran agents worked to maintain the client relationship - becoming beholden to them and focusing nearly all of their energies & resources to this end 2) The needs of regional/local companies, not of a fortune 2000 caliber, were overlooked all together or just plain taken for granted.

Patterson Realty Advisors fills this void:

Patterson RA fills a very specific niche, namely commercial & investment buildings valued - generally- from $400,000 to $4,000,000 in the seven county greater Philadelphia / southern New Jersey area. Patterson RA is a modernized, integrated, lean marketing enterprise that utilizes direct mail, telemarketing, internet posting sites, and old fashion salesmanship to sell or lease real estate. We have assembled data sources on the firms doing business in the area, and elsewhere, and on the commercial properties we find to be attractive to this clientele. We have third party contacts in the areas of financing, construction, pre-acquisition due diligence, environmental services, 1031 exchanges, bankruptcy, and estate sales.


B) Oriented Toward Industrial Companies.... the grungier the better

Patterson RA has a particular expertise with the more hard core industrial companies.... think trucking, recycling, chemicals... etc. New Jersey isn't exactly a friendly place for those types of operations yet Patterson RA has been able to help those companies find homes in the state and also help those looking to exit sell their real estate holdings. Patterson RA has deep environmental expertise and solid contacts with third party entities.

Patterson RA prefers to identify those buildings in our market that we find to be desirable, engage those owners, and represent them in the market at the appropriate time. As a result, about 75% of our revenue comes from selling or leasing those buildings we have exclusively listed. Other brokers tend to do whatever is necessary in order to put "1+1" together. They are more than happy to locate other potential acquisitions if a prospect isn't interested in one of the buildings in their inventory. This is good for the prospective buyer but the respective owner doesn't benefit. In fact, the broker spends his time on behalf of the buyer instead of working harder to find another prospect to benefit his owner. At Patterson RA, our procedure is as follows: If a prospect inquires about a building in OUR inventory, we are all too happy to show it. We will even show other buildings within OUR inventory that might be suitable. If these efforts are to no avail, then we generally part company with the prospect and begin focusing all of our efforts to find additional opportunities to benefit our client owners. In short, we get little, to no, revenue if our listings don't sell.