Patterson Realty Advisors LLC
Sales and Leasing of Industrial, Office, and Investment Properties in the Southern New Jersey / Greater Philadelphia Region

Investment Sales & Sale/Leasebacks

We're always looking for investment opportunities - namely buildings that are, or can be, leased for a period of three years or more. It doesn't matter if they are single tenant or multi-tenant; industrial, retail, office, or multi-residential. We have investors in an acquisition mode and it is still a great time to be a seller of these kinds of assets. At present, interest rates are still favorable and investors are drawn to real estate as an investment vehicle. It is our feeling that, as the stock market fully recovers, it will draw capital away from real estate and lead to lower sales prices. Would be sellers should take action before conditions change. BUYERS ARE PAYING PREMIUMS.

A significant segment of our investment sales derive from sale/leasebacks [ where the owner sells and then rents back the property ] and a lot of viable buildings materialize as a result of sole proprietors selling their companies and retaining the business property. Our experience has been that, eight times out of ten, the acquiring company will not have an interest in the real estate and the owner will have to look a firm such as PRA. Another source is from owners that want to access their equity in the building and yet retain use of the property. The reasons for wanting to do this range from enhancing ROI to pre-retirement planning to buying out partners, etc.. While these scenarios may not apply at present, We want to talk with you should such an event materialize in the future and you wish to exit from holding the business property.

50, 000 Multi Tenant Commercial


Owner's window didn't want the task of managing a multi-tenant asset and therefore sold it at a 9% return and invested the proceeds into net-leased assets that are not management intensive

Net Leased Industrial


Three aging partners, one in poor health, wanted to sell the asset for estate planning purposes. Sold at a 9% return with a three year leasehold to a non-institutional tenant.

Trucking Terminal Sale/Leaseback


Ownership wanted to sell but couldn't vacate in a timely fashion. Negotiated a 1 year leaseback at a 10% return

Sale / Partial Leaseback


Owership no longer needed the entire facility. Negotiated a partial leaseback at a breakeven return.